Digitized Structured Content

As a Think Tank, Sustensis has been providing inspirations, suggestions, and solutions for the period of Humanity’s transition to the time when we will coexist with Superintelligence. We propose to start that process with an urgent reform of democracy based on new Universal Values of Humanity, promoting a planetary, rather than a national outlook, and evolving the most mature organisation, such as the European Union, into a Human Federation. This is a very complex problem area, which will be debated over many years with perhaps tens of thousands of politicians, scientists and other professionals. How can such a wide ranging debate be streamlined and the conclusions reached much faster?

To facilitate such debates Sustensis has developed the concept of Digitized Structured Content. It can be used for debating complex political, social, scientific or economic problems on digital platforms such as websites or Facebook. Similarly, as in a book, the Content is described in chapters (in this case – the Content is ‘how to minimize the risk of developing a malicious Superintelligence’). Furthermore, the top level tabs are grouped in three major subject areas: Left – Humanity’s Problems (Evolution or Extinction, Superintelligence, etc.); the middle tabs cover the means to mitigate various risks as Processes , e.g. Democracy and Federalization; and on the very right they define the Outcome – Coexisting with Superintelligence in the Posthuman era. The last sub-tabs in each top level tab, cover Inspirations – ideas and potential actions related to the subject in the heading. It is here where the readers can create their own contribution using the Reply button, or if it is more extensive, create a Comment (Post) on the Home Page, which will be allocated to the relevant subject area. Comments can be made by anyone without the need to register. Each post or an article is continuously updated.

Recently, we have merged our Digitized Structured Content approach with probably the most advanced solution for debating called POLIS, used in such countries as the USA, Canada, Australia, UK, or Taiwan. In this way we have created Consensual Debating, which has two components: Digitized Structured Content and POLIS Debating.

We have now applied that unique Framework to debating the reform of democracy. For this purpose we have created a dedicated website Euro Agora, a subsidiary of Sustensis, where about 90 structured topics related to improving democracy are debated. They are logically grouped into 9 main topics: Consensual Debating, Values and Responsibilities, Consensual Democracy, Citizens Assemblies, Federalism, Constitution, Parliament, Elections and President.

Our initial focus is on the European Union and our first project is Conference on the Future of Europe. Consensual Debating allows tens of thousands of participants to debate thousands of topics related to one of the 10 themes of the Conference – Democracy. The participants can during live debates come to an agreement in a consensual way in a few days rather than in months.

The best way to understand the whole approach is to watch a video presentation on Consensual Debating in the left sidebar. Alternatively, read about it here.