Consensus AI is a not-for-profit subsidiary of Sustensis – a Think Tank on  Humanity’s Transition to Coexistence with Superintelligence. It was set up to support our new model of democracy – Consensual Presidential Democracy and in particular Citizens’ Assemblies with a new type of citizens’ participation in decision making. To achieve that, we have created AI-enabled Consensual Debating where participants can debate not just politics, but any subject. The debates are supported by the most advanced Artificial Intelligence Assistant – ChatGPT. It allows even hundreds of participants to debate remotely any topic simultaneously and come to an agreement in a consensual way many times faster (in a day or over a few weekends rather than in months). The debates can be organized for ‘in person’ participation, online where the participants can take part in a debate and cast their votes at their convenient time, or as a ZOOM event organized by facilitators in co-operation with the sponsor.

(There is a new book 2030- Towards the Big Consensus… Or loss of control over our future“ by Tony Czarnecki, Managing Partner of Sustensis and the author of Consensual Debating. It explains in detail why we need Consensual Debating and what implication it would have on politics if widely applied.)

We have integrated our methodology for conducting Consensual Debates with POLIS voting system and ChatGPT AI Assistant, which greatly speeds up such debates and makes them much more effective. That differs fundamentally from a typical on-line voting like on YouGov, where participants can only vote one on one motion or decisions. In Consensual Debating participants arrive at a consensus gradually on a number of individual statements, voting many times until at least 60% majority on a final decision has been reached. To participate in a debate you need to Register or Login.

The Consensual Debating tab provides basic information on how Consensual Debating is carried out. To make it easier how it works we have created a template project illustrating how a very controversial debate in London on extending Ultra Low Emission Zone to outer London, might have been carried out far quicker, in a more conciliatory way and also be more effective. This template outlines our methodology for any project carried out by Consensus AI, under the subsequent tabs Project A, B, C and D, which are hidden to protect customer’s identity and data (see Services tab).

We offered Consensual Debating support for the Conference on the Future of Europe, which ended on 9th May 2022. Most of the 90 topics of that Conference were aligned with 9 main topics related to improving democracy in the EU. It can be viewed on another Sustensis subsidiary website Euro Agora, which was specially created to support the domain of ‘Democracy reform of the EU’ covering topics such as: Values and Responsibilities, Consensual Presidential Democracy, Citizens Assemblies, Federalism or Constitution. We have provided 9 proposals, of which the proposal on the EU’s Citizens’ Senate was in large part included into the final report. You can read more about how Consensual Debating works here.

Consensus AI facilitates any debate as accurately as possible. However, we take no responsibility for the accuracy of the data, its processing, nor for any omissions and misinterpretation of information provided by our team or by ChatGPT Assistant.