39. Technology can enhance Democracy

Democracy in 21st century needs entirely different means to adapt to almost exponentially changing world. Technology should be used for the type of democracy that even a decade ago would be impossible to consider in large countries – a participative, direct democracy, which can be fused with representational democracy, as Consensual Presidential Democracy proposes. Today, even hundreds of millions of people could participate in quasi-referenda style voting, or as suggested here, by using the Citizens’ Assemblies and a Citizens’ Chamber. There are several technological solutions that can even further enhance such a political process, such as applying the POLIS system in political debates.

But technology can also enhance the electoral system, in particular the voting process by making it more secure and almost impossible to corrupt. At least two such solutions are currently available – Quantum encryption and Block Chain voting.

The initial position of the participants debating this issue can be found in this Report made on 20/5/2021. Click on Participants (bucketized) and Group outline to see how the participants were split into two Groups, the larger one with a minimum 60% agreeing with the specified proposals.