23. Universal Values of Humanity best describe what we are as humans

One would assume there is no difference between Universal Human Values and Universal Values of Humanity. But there is such a difference. It deals with two aspects of values – their scope and their change in time. Under ‘scope’ people understand that all values relate to humans. Nature, including all animals, is a collection of passive objects that cannot argue for their values to be respected. But that, in my view, is wrong. We as humans should extend the scope of values, meaning these are Humanity’s values, i.e. these values that we as Humanity adopt on behalf of all humans and all living beings. Restricting universal values to humans only would exclude all animals and more importantly, the new species that may be born as a result of AI developments, culminating in Superintelligence. Just consider that the exponentially changing reality may include new intelligent beings, including Superintelligence, potentially with its own consciousness. This is where the second element – the change in time for the applicability of a given value comes into account. Leaving the Universal Human Values statement as it is, i.e. static, would perhaps be incorrect. Therefore, on this site Universal Values of Humanity is used rather than Universal Human Values. Read more about it here.