51. EU must act on global existential threats – nobody else can do it

By the end of this century there is at least 19% chance that one, or several existential risks in the table below may materialize with the worst impact scenario – the end of the human species. Over the next generation, such aprobability is about 5%. These are only the risks over which we have some control, mainly in political, military and social domains, such as nuclear wars, or artificial pandemics.

However, some eminent scinetists, such as the late prof. Stephen Hawking or prof. Martin Rees assess that risk at mor than 50% by the end of this century.

That is why we need a global organisation with real powers to reduce these existential risk. From all the potential organistaions or states, the federated EU seems to be the most credible candidate. We cannot hope that all countries would join, such as Russia or China, so we must take whatever chance we have to create a de facto World Government, with enough critical mass to impose its decisions on most countries, if needed. Read more here: https://sustensis.co.uk/top-existential-risks/