58. EU should show the way towards a planetary civilisation

Anyone that wants to improve the situation and reduce some of the existential risks faces three problems:

  • Existential risks require fast action, while the world’s organisations act very slowly
  • People want more freedom, while we need to sacrifice some of our freedoms and sovereignty for Humanity to survive
  • Most people can’t see beyond tomorrow and act emotionally, while we need to act rationally and see the long-term consequences of our actions.

Therefore, anybody that sees the need for the world to take an urgent action faces a difficult task when proposing pragmatic, fast and very radical changes to the way the world is governed. It seems that the only realistic route for humans to take is to create a new organisation, transforming nations into a single planetary civilisation which would have the capacity, resources and resolve to act on behalf of all of us in the hour of the emerging existential threat.

To have any chance of successful delivery of its foremost objective, i.e. to protect Humanity against existential risks, such an organisation should have supranational powers exceeding any prerogatives of the existing international bodies, such as the United Nations, NATO or WTO. We need an organization that would resemble the World Government. Only such an organisation, which should be operational latest by about 2030, would have some chance to mitigate not just global political and social risks but all other existential risks. Read more about it here.