59. E. Federation must act as a de facto World government

How to guide Humanity and protect our civilisation over the next decade, while it passes through probably the most dangerous period in its history? By then Humanity could reach the point when it may already be coexisting with Immature Superintelligence. Just in a decade from now it may already be capable of doing enormous damage, although not existential yet. Hopefully it will act in unison with us, helping to sort out our problems.

To guide us through that perilous decade we need a large supranational organisation. Transforming the UN into the World Government is a futile hope, because of the very way the UN makes decisions – the unanimity voting in the Security Council. The presence of the unanimity voting for most decisions made by the European Council is the same reason why the EU has been less effective than it could have been. Fortunately, the Lisbon Treaty has finally created a possibility for the European Council to vote using a double majority on more subject domains than ever before.

Since the existential risks can materialize at any time, e.g. natural pandemics like the Coronavirus pandemics in 2020, or due to laboratory-generated bugs being maliciously released in the open, we should have an organization that could act as a de facto World Government right now. Creating the World Government from scratch at such a short time, is no more feasible. Therefore, the only way that might happen, is by transforming an existing organisation, or empower a single large country with supranational powers, into the World Government. That new global organisation would gradually substitute the UN. Read more about it here.