83. President must have strong powers and strict accountability

The President must have strong powers but they must be counterbalanced by his strict accountability to the Parliament.

This is one of the pillars of the Consensual Presidential Democracy – a system of democracy aimed at governing with maximum consensus, where the voice of the ‘losing’ minority is always taken into account. It gives the President exceptionally strong powers against the strongest accountability and recall procedures, to enable him to play a crucial role as a conciliator and moderator between two opposing parties, each represented by one Vice President. This system may further deepen the separation of legislative and executive powers by having a technocratic government. It also has the widest representation of the electorate, where the representatives to the Parliament are elected using a combined First Past the Post and the Two Rounds System of weighted voting and where a half of the second chamber of the parliament is elected based on a Citizens’ Assembly (Sortition) system.

The initial position of the participants debating this issue can be found in this Report made on 21/5/2021. Click on Participants (bucketized) and Group outline to see how the participants were split into two Groups, the larger one with a minimum 60% agreeing with the specified proposals.