An outline of the European Federation Constitution

This outline of a Constitution is based on the principles of Consensual Presidential Democracy. Since this is an outline, it does not in anyway resembles a final shape of an actual Constitution. It only shows an example of what such a Consitution might contain, offering a range of possible implementations. In order to make it more specific, it takes the future European Federation as a kind of a strawman showing how such a Constitution could be applied. For further details please consult ‘Democracy for a Human Federation‘.

At the core of this proposed European Federation Constitution are the Universal Values of Humanity and the principles of Consensual Presidential Democracy. Just to remind you, such a Constitution might come into force not right now, but by about 2030, when EF might become a single state. I would also like to stress again that this is in not a draft of the future Constitution but rather a proposal for the content of key articles of that Constitutionbased on Consensual Presidential Democracy, as my input to a debate on such a Constitution. Therefore, the main articles of the Constitution as applied to the future European Federation laid out below are really just the headlines, proposing what such an article might contain, with some justification, rather than how it should be precisely formulated. My comments are in italics.