42. Citizens’ Assembly is more representative

Citizens’ Assembly is much more representative than electoral systems, since it is a random sample. More importantly, since today’s elections are so often centred on image, media influence and personality, politicians can easily be accused of acting in a manner that will earn them votes, rather than upon their principles and beliefs. If representatives are selected by a random sample, promoted participants are forced to put aside tribal agendas and concentrate on common affairs in a cohesive manner.

In a representational democracy, equality of representation is probably the weakest point, whether it is First Past the Post, Alternative Voting System or Two Rounds System. By their very nature, elections have inbuilt ‘unrepresentativeness’, because those who have the time, money and connections, are likely to be on average wealthy, educated, and from dominant social positions. The democratic aspect that everyone can choose, co-exists with an undemocratic aspect, where invariably it is the elites who tend to be chosen. To know more, read here: What are Citizens’ Assemblies? – Euro Agora (sustensis.co.uk)