Consensual Debating for Consensual Democracy

Euro Agora has adapted and integrated the POLIS open-source system and thus provides an additional support for debating the European Democracy topic of the Conference on the Future of Europe launched on 9th May 2021. However, we provide much more than that. Without prejudice to the final decisions of the Conference, our proposal is focused on creating a shallow (a mini-state) EU Federation based on consensus. That is why we have adopted as a starting point the model of such a federation based on a new type of democracy – Consensual Presidential Democracy (CPD). Consensual Democracy needs Consensual Debating. We have selected about 100 topics related to CPD and arranged them following the principles of Consensual Debating. This has created an additional debating platform for hundreds of thousands of European citizens and the participants of this Conference allowing them to make succinct, up to 140 characters-long, comments on the topics. Participants can then vote on them and thus select policies which have gained at least 60% support. All of the topics are linked to the EU digital platform, created to support the Conference.

Consensual Debating for Consensual Democracy – click on the picture to start the video.