Constitutional rights and responsibilities

The key rights and responsibilities guaranteed by the Constitution, which are laid out below are really just the headlines for the future articles. They are derived from the Universal Values of Humanity and include additions needed to respond to the challenges that Humanity will face in the next few decades to survive as a species:


  1. The right to life
  2. Freedom from torture
  3. Freedom from slavery
  4. The right to liberty
  5. The right to a fair trial
  6. The right not to be punished for something that wasn’t against the law at the time
  7. The right to respect a family and private life
  8. Freedom of thought, conscience, and religion
  9. Freedom of expression
  10. Freedom of assembly
  11. The right to marry and start a family
  12. The right not to be discriminated against in respect of these rights
  13. The right to protection of property
  14. The right to education
  15. The right to participate in free elections
  16. The right not to be condemned to death for any crime

Additionally, as this is currently not included in either of the most important international legal frameworks, such as the European Convention on Human Rights nor in the UN’s Universal Declaration of Human Rights, the Constitution should include at least these citizens’ responsibilities (I am sure the list can be expanded):


  1. Obligation to vote in elections
  2. Responsibility for a child’s upbringing
  3. Responsibility to save for one’s own pension (retirement)
  4. Responsibility for generating one’s own income or be in education
  5. Responsibility for caring for one’s health
  6. Responsibility for environmental care