Digitized Structured Content

As a Think Tank, Sustensis has been providing inspirations, suggestions, and solutions for the period of Humanity’s transition to the time when we will coexist with Superintelligence. This is a very complex problem area. Additionally, the pace of change is now becoming almost exponential in many areas. Therefore, providing a static information for very complex and rapidly changing topics is no longer a valid option for any website. That is why, Sustensis has developed the concept of Digitized Structured Content, which can be used for providing complex information on political, social, scientific or economic problems on digital platforms such as websites or Facebook. Here is how it works.

Digitized Structured Content is similar to how we use a book’s Content – to easily see the structure of a book, split into chapters and topics within them. Like in a book, the top level tabs on any website can be grouped into subject areas. As you move from left to right, the numbered top level tabs describe the problem in a logical order. Individual topics do not stand on their own but are shown in a broader context, providing a vital link to other topics. Similarly, the top level tabs are split into sub-tabs, providing more detail.

Recently, we Sustensis has merged its Digitized Structured Content approach with probably the most advanced solution for debating, called POLIS, used in such countries as the USA, Canada, Australia, UK, or Taiwan. In this way we have created Consensual Debating, which has two components: Digitized Structured Content and POLIS Debating.

The best way to understand the whole approach is to watch a video presentation on Consensual Debating.