Education In Human Federation

This is Part 5  of Scenario 5 – Human Federation in 2040

Education at all levels has changed dramatically. In primary schools, traditional education has been almost completely replaced by the AI Assistants (one per classroom of 8). They perform the role of the previous teachers but they have in depth knowledge of every child’s progress and each child has an individual educational programme. The human teachers are still there but their main role is to teach children core human values and how they should be applied in life.

At secondary schools, almost the entire teaching programme is run by AI Assistants (1 per 5 students). As in primary education, each student has an individual teaching programme and once they passed the exams from all subjects at least at 80% score level, they can move to the next year’s programme. History and social subjects like psychology are in the main taught by human teachers, with robots checking the knowledge and assisting with any problems. There are minimum two hours of history lessons weekly. Additionally, there are two hours a week of HF-Studies of which 1 hour is dedicated to fighting fake media, populism and xenophobia, by discussing current events in the HF. There is a strong emphasis put on bringing up young people in the human values promoted by the HF.

All university studies are absolutely free. Students are assigned their own AI teachers, which teach a subject depending on the student’s individual capabilities and aspirations. There are no formal exams, since the certificate on passing a subject depends on the entire work carried out by the students and dozens of ad hoc tests done under the supervision of AI examiners.

The Erasmus programme is now nearly 50 years old with more than 96 million people having completed either full or part of their studies in another national region of the HF state. In the last few years it has been extended significantly, particularly to the member nations in all HF subsidiary zones. The HF Erasmus Programme has set up its own Erasmus Universities funded by the HF in many African and Asian countries. The programme will by rolled out to South America in the next few years. Within the HF itself all state funded universities follow a special set of studies called the Erasmus Programme, dedicated mainly to re-enforcing HF values, HF culture and the European history.