Environment and climate change

This is Part 3  of Scenario 5 – Human Federation in 2040

Environmental disasters, as predicted have been very severe, especially around 2030. Some of them have already been mentioned. The CO2 levels increased much faster than before (a kind of a run-away scenario). Luckily, it is now under control, mainly thanks to geo-engineering technologies developed by AI agents, costing huge amount of money. However, it is already clear that this is working, since CO2 levels have been dropping in absolute terms for the last 6 years.

Green energy is now everywhere thanks to key discoveries in 2030’. The first one was the first commercial nuclear fusion power station opened in Pennsylvania in 2029. The second one was the discovery of how to use magnetic energy directly, available everywhere, as a more convenient energy than electricity. The third one has been the massive use of new materials for the production of solar panels (such as perovskite) since 2024, which doubled the yield from a typical solar panel. Thanks to those discoveries, energy is now very cheap, which was also possible by discoveries of new energy storage media that last 7 times longer per 1 unit than in 2018.

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