European Federation by 2025

VIDEO from the presentation on European Federation by 2025

This Video was first shown on VE75 Day on 9 May 2020 as part of the Citizens Takeover Europe Day. Here is a summary of its contents.

“Over the last few years, almost everything around us has started to change at nearly an exponential pace. The world after the Covid-19 pandemic will look so different because all those pending changes will explode at once! Every aspect of our lives will change for ever but it will also become clear how fragile we are as a civilization to existential risks created by ourselves, such as Climate Change or Artificial Intelligence. Humanity has quite probably entered the most dangerous decade in its all history. And yet the Planet Earth still does not have a single supranational organization that would guide us through this turbulent period.

Such an organization needs to be created latest by 2030 and this presentation will provide a full justification for the urgency of such an action. Since the creation of this organization within a decade is of course impossible, the only option is to adapt the most advanced existing organisation, which would initially act as a de facto World Government. Sustensis has done some fundamental research on which organisation might best perform such a role and it became very clear, it is the European Union. At first, it would have to be converted into the European Federation. That should happen by 2025, if we want to manage existential risks such as Artificial Intelligence or Climate Change.

When you have viewed this presentation, it should become clearer why it is necessary to make the creation of the European Federation as the EU’s most urgent task and how to make such a process feasible within a few years. You will also see how to make the participation of the EU citizens, in various EU assemblies most effective.”

You can also download the SLIDES from this presentation by clicking here