How could you help?

Could you influence the evolution of a human species? That sounds like a really grandiose question. And yet if you believe that your actions, such as a ‘greener planet’, or a global control over the development of advanced Artificial Intelligence latest by 2030, can contribute in some way towards the survival of our civilisation, then you can indeed impact the course of a human evolution.

One of the first steps to make a transition from a nationhood to a planetary civilization is a deep reform of democracy. That’s what this website is about, particularly in the context of the Conference on the Future of Europe (COFE) , which was officially inaugurated on 9th May 2021.

You can engage in two ways:

  • A passive way – changing your behaviour, e.g. viewing your actions and assessing the events happening around you more from their very long-term impact e.g. on your grandchildren
  • An active way – supporting social and political choices by engaging into the citizens’ debates such as that within the COFE Conference programme.

We have a much better chance to accomplish our benevolent objectives if we work together. So, please take part in the COFE debates, which for the first time is a Citizens’ led mega-European project. You will find that several of hundreds of the topics on that EU digital platform are linked to this Euro Agora website, providing an unparalleled forum for structured debates with consistent and overwhelmingly supported policies (above 60% support) – see here for details.

Tony Czarnecki
Managing Partner
May 2021