Key contents of the Preamble of the Constitution

The Constitutional Framework that I am proposing for the future European Federation (EF) is based on the Consensual Presidential Democracy (CPD) described in Part 3. Here, I am going to use it as a ‘strawman’ Constitution for the EF, i.e. putting to the test the principles of CPD in a concrete plausible situation.

As mentioned earlier, this Constitutional Framework could only be applied to a state or a confederation of states, which will see a strong affinity with fundamental objectives of the CPD. That is particularly reflected in the Preamble of the Constitution, which may include statements like these:

  1. The predominance of the twelve Universal Values of Humanity is the basis for all laws and decisions, which are: Freedom, Democracy, Equality, Justice & the rule of law, Human Dignity, Social Solidarity, Tolerance, Life, Peace, National Security, Family Safety and Nature & Beauty
  2. Human rights, which are derived from the above values, must be balanced with citizens’ responsibilities
  3. A non-faith-based system of governance, education and social activities is applied in all public domains
  4. A Judeo-Christian culture, without a religious association, is accepted as the unifying culture of the EF, while ensuring that other cultures can flourish, as long as they do not undermine the homogeneity of the common culture. At the time of converting the EF into the Human Federation, the values from other cultures might be integrated, such as Chinese Confucianism. Assuming that we still have ultimate control of the maturing Superintelligence, it might itself ensure the overall consistency of its Universal Values of Humanity, referring it back to a human authority.
  5. Any region of the states that become members of a federation have an unequivocal right to secede from their state and become directly members of the EF, merge with another region, or become a state of its own outside the EF, subject to specific restrictions, such as the population size.