POLIS – Digitized Yellow stickers

In 2012 in the US, a group of researchers developed a system called POLIS, which is obviously a reference to the Greek name for ‘polis’ – a city. Its core software is implemented on the original POLIS website. In 2018 the Computational Democracy Project was founded as a non-profit continuation of POLIS open source work and the mission behind it. Sustensis is grateful for making this software available to a wider community. POLIS can support the Focus Group-style consensus debates for thousands, or even millions of people in a very fast way. It has the same objectives as the Focus Groups but here the participants debate indirectly and anonymously, trying to find 60% majority through compromise. A participant can himself make an anonymous comment (a Statement) of up to a maximum of 140 characters and send it for other participants to vote. For more detailed information please click here. Here are some links to examples showing how and where POLIS has been used world-wide.

General information on POLIS use worldwide

How it was applied in Taiwan

DEMOS UK and here.

Engaging Britain

Renew Normal