The World of Abundance

This is an extract from Tony Czarnecki’s book: ‘Democracy for a Human Federation’

The creation of the future European Federation (EF) could start the process of the world’s federalization. But it can only happen if the world accepts what seems to be inevitable. The world’s peace, and in the end, the survival of the human species, is only possible when we change the view of our future from a national to a planetary perspective. It would be the EF’s assumed responsibility to manage that process, of which the main component must be a global wealth redistribution. Apart from purely ethical reasons, this will also become a shield against other catastrophic risks. These include severe drought, mass migration and political disorder, which when combined with other catastrophic events, such as a more aggressive pandemic than the Covid-19, it may become an existential risk, leading to Humanity’s extinction.

The complexities and difficulties of delivering such a momentous change for Humanity seem to be overwhelming. On the other hand, should we be incapable of resolving such an issue by around 2030-40 then the very existence of the human species may be in danger because of the combined effects of various existential risks that may be triggered off. So, we need to create a substantial world fund, which will be the means of transferring this wealth largely from the Northern to the Southern hemisphere. The current UN’s 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) aim to achieve precisely that. This is probably the most ambitious programme in the UN’s history, with the delivery date by 2030. Unfortunately, as the situation develops, it is obvious it will not be completed on time, not to mention that its scale is far too inadequate. However, the future EF should re-enforce the aims of that programme, by increasing the current 0.7% of the annual GDP that each country is to contribute to something like 2 to 3% and invest it in its own fund. I propose to call it the Global Wealth Redistribution Programme (GWRP.

The most natural way for the EF would be to act via the membership of the EF Association Area (Zone 4). The programme itself would be the magnet for countries to join that zone. Looking at the current EU association agreements it is obvious that the EU is already aiming in this direction, as each such agreement includes the development of political, trade, social, cultural and security links. Currently, there are over 30 such agreements plus over 50 trade agreements. Once the EF has been established, most of these agreements will be turned into the EF Association Area’s agreements. Assuming the rate of the new countries joining the EF Zone 4 would be at least as fast as now, the total number of countries in the Federation’s four zones could reach around 140 by 2040. That means in 2040 the EF with 140 countries in all zones would represent about 70% of the world’s GDP and 60% of the global population.

The final act in completing the creation of the Human Federation would be a total demilitarization of the world. I cover that in the next subsection.