The World Without Superpowers

There cannot be a Human Federation if the world’s Superpowers do not lay down weapons and the whole planet becomes demilitarized. This is not likely to happen soon or it even may not happen at all, which would most likely mean that the human species has obliterated itself. However, knowing the risk and the ultimate danger should motivate most nations but not all, to aim at achieving a demilitarized world. But how could the Superpowers willingly agree to lay down weapons.

Many military experts agree that a global nuclear war is very unlikely today, as its aims could be achieved by different means. However, we can be almost certain that in this decade of Immature Superintelligence, there are bound to be a number of cyber wars, with the consequences far more unpleasant than the current Covid19 pandemic. But I doubt (and yes, it is still a hope) that in the end there can be any winner in such a cyber war. After all, the current Superpowers have more or less similar capabilities in that area like neutralize military equipment, using electromagnetic bombs exploded in space, switch off power stations for weeks if not months, open the water dams etc. By staging such an undeclared war the invading Superpower , would face an almost instantaneous counter attack, making the whole attack futile. We already live in the era of the Second Cold War. We are already facing, what I have termed as AI Supremacists’ Dilemma.

It is a gradual realization that a global supremacy cannot be achieved by any Superpower, that there can be no winner in any global war, even if assisted by presumably the most advanced weaponized AI system, which will lead the Superpowers to abandon their dreams of ruling the world. Instead, the growing potential danger coming from Superintelligence will finally get all nations together in a Human Federation.

This would be the moment when all Superpowers’ own weaponized AI, together with other conventional and nuclear weapons, would be disabled. Once all Superpowers have joined the Human Federation, all scientific discoveries and progress in the AI development would be fused to assist in creating a mature, friendly, singular Superintelligence. The age of human co-existence with a friendly Superintelligence will then begin.

Tony CzarneckiSustensis
April 2020