Transition Period – Stage 2

This is an extract from Tony Czarnecki’s book: ‘Democracy for a Human Federation’

A Constitutional Period of the European Federation

After the ratification of the Federation Treaty and three months after it will have come into force, a two-year Constitutional Period will start, in which:

  1. The Federation will operate on the basis of the legislation in the Federation Treaty
  2. Its President, Prime Minister and ministers will all be elected at the time of the Federalization Convention by the prime ministers or presidents of the joining states
  3. EF will be recognized internationally as an independent state, while their members will lose their sovereign state, but still remaining the members of the EU and recognized by the EU as members of the EF – an independent state
  4. A Constitutional Convention will be called
  5. It will be ratified by the end of a two-year Transition Period. This should be carried out by a two-stage Citizens’ Assembly rather than by a referendum
  6. Any EU country, which may wish to join the Federation before the ratification of the Constitution, will have to accept the Federalization Treaty, without any amendments. They will also have to operate the Euro currency before joining the Federation.
  7. Any member nation of the EF, which rejects the EF Constitution will cease to be its member three months after the rejection. By the end of that period, it will regain its sovereign status and will continue as a member of the EU as an independent state
  8. Within a year of the ratification of the Constitution, elections for the EF President and the EF Parliament will be carried out, according with the EF Constitution.