Review of Peter Scott’s book – “Crisis of Control”

The book that I have read recently is in some way quite rare. Why? Because the author, Peter Scott, has married literature with a serious scientific genre. For me, it was a real pleasure to read it, and ponder over many citations from famous people and quotations from Sci-fi literature. But for most people it may be an introduction to the world of Sci-fi, which is gradually becoming a reality. It is also a warning and a call for action. In this sense, it is similar to my own objective when I was writing “Becoming a Butterfly”. The biggest difference between these two books, as I see it, is that Peter Scott’s book is a kind of a glimpse into the unknown, looking into a potential oblivion from the very edge of the cliff. His warnings seem to me more subtle and presented in a more literary and descriptive way than mine.


By the way, Peter Scott is not only an author of that book but an AI expert focusing on what he terms as Human Cusp. He also regularly publishes interviews with renowned AI authorities such as most recently with Roman Yampolsky – see here: