Mini-conference on Consensual Debating

A mini-conference on

Consensual Debating for Citizens’ Assemblies

Thursday, 8th July at 17:00 CET, 4 pm UK time

Jointly organised by Sustensis, London and StamEuropa, Brussels

Imagine that you want to sign a parliamentary petition. But when you read the details, you realize you only partially agree with the proposal. Since there is no option allowing you to suggest your own modified version, you abstain or reluctantly sign.

But it doesn’t have to be like that if we implement entirely new solutions partially enabled by the advanced digital technology. This is what Consensual Debating, developed by Sustensis, is about. Together with other innovations, such as Citizens’ Assemblies it may contribute to a deep reform of democracy.

Consensual Debating can be used at any level of governance, including parliaments or local councils, whenever complex policies are to be debated. So, it can facilitate a debate in just one room, like at a parliamentary committee, for a Citizens’ Assembly, or online for tens of thousands of participants, like at the current Conference on the Future of Europe, debating thousands of topics simultaneously and coming to an agreement in a consensual way perhaps 100 times faster (in a few days rather than in months).

This is the subject of this mini-conference co-organized by Sustensis with Stam Europa in Brussels.

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